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About the Book

About the Book

Who controls every bounce, gust of wind and subtle break on the golf course? The mystical golf gods Ti Ming and Tem Po, of course!

The ancient and powerful golf gods, Ti Ming and Tem Po, are the true guardians of the game. They know all, see all and control the fate of everything in golf. Those who dishonor or disbelieve in the golf gods do so at their own peril.

In the first book from Texas golf writer Mark Button, “Finding Ti Ming & Tem Po, Legend of the golf gods,” the lives of believers young and old experience amazing and rewarding changes thanks to their trust in the golf gods. Written for children aged 8-15, this magical story will be treasured by golfers of all ages. If you love the great game of golf, this is a book you must read.

Disguised as small wooden statues, Ti Ming and Tem Po come alive in the dreams of their believers and teach them to love, respect and master the game. All the while, the golf gods impart the life lessons and virtues the game instills, such as confidence, honesty, judgment, respect and perseverance.

Their amazing journey touches the lives of many. Among them are Jack, a curious young boy seeking confidence; Anna, a cocky tomboy with a strained relationship with her father; and Tommy, a once-promising amateur golfer whose life is derailed by bad decisions. With the help of Ti Ming and Tem Po, amazing changes wait for all who believe—even you. Put your trust in Ti Ming and Tem Po and brace yourself for a magical journey in which anything is possible.

Long live the golf gods!