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About the Creator

About the Creator

Meet Paul Buckley, the creator of Ti Ming & Tem Po

Paul Buckley and PGA Tour star David Toms, two of Ti Ming and Tem Po's orginal students.

Paul Buckley culminated a distinguished career after 38 years of service with Hilton Hotels Corporation in 2005 as an Area Vice President in New Orleans.

Having held varying positions throughout the country, including Vice President of the Atlantic City Hilton & Casino in 1983, Buckley initially developed what was at the time the world’s largest gaming property, including over a one million square-foot property that encompassed 120,000 square foot gaming floor and 600 guest rooms.

All during this time Paul was beginning a love affair with the game of golf. His enthusiasm intensified while his skill set improved in a game that would become a surprised vocation.

In 1997, an innocent remark on a golf course sparked the creative spirit and the creation of the golf gods. With the help and collaboration of his oldest daughter Niki, an accomplished artist, the golf gods were brought into the first person. Ti Ming and Tem Po were brought to life.

It is Buckley’s belief that all who trust and learn in the essence of the game can be affected by the understanding of the two most important elements of the Game of Golf — Ti Ming and Tem Po.