About the Book

Who controls every bounce, gust of wind and subtle break on the golf course? The mystical golf gods Ti Ming and Tem Po, of course!

The ancient and powerful golf gods, Ti Ming and Tem Po, are the true guardians of the game. They know all, see all and control the fate of everything in golf. Those who dishonor or disbelieve in the golf gods do so at their own peril.

In the first book from Texas golf writer Mark Button, “Finding Ti Ming & Tem Po, Legend of the golf gods,” the lives of believers young and old experience amazing and rewarding changes thanks to their trust in the golf gods. Written for children aged 8-15, this magical story will be treasured by golfers of all ages. If you love the great game of golf, this is a book you must read.

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About the Author

Finding Ti Ming and Tem Po, Legend of the golf gods” is Mark Button’s first book. A native of Lawrence, Kan., Mark is the Senior Director of Communications for the Texas Golf Association. He formerly served as Executive Editor of Texas Links Magazines.

A graduate of the William Allen White School of Journalism at the University of Kansas, Mark has covered sports as a writer and editor for 20 years.

The recipient of the 2010 Southern Texas PGA Media/Public Relations Award, Mark has won numerous honors from the Associated Press and Texas Golf Writers Association. He currently lives in Dallas.

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About the Creator

Meet Paul Buckley, the creator of Ti Ming & Tem Po

Paul Buckley and PGA Tour star David Toms, two of Ti Ming and Tem Po's orginal students.

Paul Buckley culminated a distinguished career after 38 years of service with Hilton Hotels Corporation in 2005 as an Area Vice President in New Orleans.

Having held varying positions throughout the country, including Vice President of the Atlantic City Hilton & Casino in 1983, Buckley initially developed what was at the time the world’s largest gaming property, including over a one million square-foot property that encompassed 120,000 square foot gaming floor and 600 guest rooms.

All during this time Paul was beginning a love affair with the game of golf. His enthusiasm intensified while his skill set improved in a game that would become a surprised vocation.

In 1997, an innocent remark on a golf course sparked the creative spirit and the creation of the golf gods. With the help and collaboration of his oldest daughter Niki, an accomplished artist, the golf gods were brought into the first person. Ti Ming and Tem Po were brought to life.

It is Buckley’s belief that all who trust and learn in the essence of the game can be affected by the understanding of the two most important elements of the Game of Golf — Ti Ming and Tem Po.

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Sample Chapter

Chapter Six: Only a Dream

That night Jack had the most vivid dream. He was standing in a fairway sand trap on the ninth hole at Turkey Creek Golf Club. He could see the green about 140 yards away, surrounded by blurry-faced people. He looked to his right and saw another young boy. He thought it was Jeremy.

Chapter 6 illustrationHe looked down and saw a golf ball at his feet. Then he heard voices from behind him.

“Don’t be tempted to go for the green,” Tem Po said, shaking his head. The caddie stood three-feet high. He was small, but much bigger than the wooden statue from the attic. “You must use good judgment, as Master Wilkins told you. Good judgment is most important in the game of golf, as in life. You have a two-shot lead. Now is the time to play safe. Use good judgment and use your wedge to get the ball back in the fairway. You can still make par from there.”

Jack stood motionless, unsure of what to do. He looked at Ti Ming.

“He is a caddie,” Ti Ming said with a smile. “You can use good judgment and show perseverance at the same time.”

Jack looked back at his ball, then the green up ahead and then he realized he was holding a 5-iron. He was playing a golf tournament, and everyone was watching and waiting on him.

Slowly Jack put the pieces together. He was on the final hole of the summer camp tournament. He had driven his ball into the fairway trap, and he was about to try and reach the green with a long iron.

He took his stance and dug his feet into the sand for stability. He took a look at his target, the flag whipping in the wind. He didn’t have a great lie, but he was ready to give it a shot.

Before he did, he looked back at Ti Ming and Tem Po.

They both shook their heads in disapproval. Tem Po looked at the ground. Ti Ming frowned and said, “The champion golfer does what he must, not what he wishes. Use good judgment, Brave Son.”

Jack went back to his bag and exchanged the 5-iron for his pitching wedge. He blasted the ball back out into the fairway from the sand trap. He then hit his third shot, an 8-iron, to about 10 feet. He rolled in the putt, and the gallery all ran toward him. He looked back, and Ti Ming and Tem Po remained back near the fairway bunker. Tem Po smiled and jumped up and down. Ti Ming simply grinned and rubbed his beard.

The next thing Jack knew, he stretched his hands above his head … and opened his eyes.

“Ah, rats,” he said. “It was only a dream!”

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